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tubeie072013-09-17 11:21:22

SWEET ! Great finds there Josh - Oh to have those actual 8mm movies, wouldn't that be superb!

sonicsteev2013-09-17 10:59:13

very cool! old beatles stuff is great!

tjsmith51 .2013-09-17 10:57:56

This is neat!

Beatlevinyl852013-09-17 10:25:48

Looks cool! Thanks for sharing!

aldiakaroofus2013-09-17 10:11:23

Fun stuff!

Westtoledoguy2013-09-17 09:14:26

very cool stuff

RetroToledo2013-09-17 08:56:49

I'm sure those 8mm movies have been copied and copied to death!

DrOlds1002013-09-17 08:51:25

That radio station, 77WABC in NewYork was one of the top AM Radio Stations in the New York area back in the 60's and they are still broadcasting till this day, But unfortunately they are now a sports talk station. Cousin Brucy (Bruce Morrow) Was one of the DJ's back then and they used to promote The Beatles big time. Thanks for sharing this cool Beatles memorabelia!

Josh Crosby2013-09-17 08:29:33

@DrOlds100: I knew 77WABC was an AM radio station in New York, but I did not know it's a sports station now, and I had no idea Cousin Brucy was a DJ there! I listen to him on the Sirius 60s on 6 channel a lot! Thanks for your comment!

donaldrocks1011032013-09-17 08:02:07

Very Nice!:) I love The Beatles!:) This Is Fab!:)